PUBG Quiz: Can You Ace It?

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Debuting in March 2017, PUBG caused a real frenzy and aroused the trend for the battle royale genre. Will you be able to pass our PUBG quiz at 100% after many hours in the game?

You’re landing with a hundred other players on one of the four available maps, breaking through dozens of buildings where you find the necessary equipment, eliminating more enemies, cutting through paths, hills and other zones to see the coveted “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” but will you be able to play the juicy ten in our PUBG quiz?

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At what speed do the bullets of the M16 travel after being fired from the gun?

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What weapon was originally only found in Air Drops, but is now appearing in the game world?

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What weapon fires projectiles slower than sound?

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How big is Erangel map?

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One more question about the map: Where did the developers derive the name "Erangel" from?

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How many players can be seated in one UAZ?

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One of these weapons doesn't fire the same ammunition as the other three. Which one is it?

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How many rounds does the Vector fire when a shot is fired in burst mode?

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How long does it take your character to use a first aid kit?

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The military vests not only protect you from fire, but also increase your inventory. How many points will your inventory grow when you wear a "Level 3" vest?

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Well, the result is not breathtaking, but at least you know a little bit about PUBG. Potential is there.
You are an attentive observer. But you still lack a bit to become an expert.
Congratulations! Your knowledge is impressive! Check yourself in the other quizzes.

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