Pokemon Quiz: Are You a Pokémon Master?

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Pokemon is seemingly the most excellent Anime/Manga/Game based on both in history. Generations aged up with Pokemon, and they yet do up to this day. This is why we chose to give you this quiz. It is a mix of anime, games, manga, and everything else—some questions about Ash, about the Pokemon World, about Pokemon themselves, and much more. You will not be bored for sure! If you are regularly a Pokemon Fan then you should without any difficulties score some points, but watch out, some questions might be complicated. While you are at it, check out our other quizzes, we have lots! If you liked that Pokemon quiz, share it with your friends to give us a bigger audience!

Good luck and have fun.

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Easy question for a start. What color are poke-balls, which you can use to catch Pokemon?

: Question image 194

What is the name of the well-known coach, who wears a baseball cap, the main character "Pokemon"?

: Question image 195

What's the name of her redheaded friend of Ash?

: Question image 196

What is Brock's biggest weakness, the third of the group of friends?

: Question image 197

What is the name of the pokemon in which Pikachu can evolve?

: Question image 198

What is the name of a grassy and poisonous pokemon, with a large bulb on its back?

: Question image 199

How does Jigglypuff's singing works?

: Question image 213

What is the name of the highest form of Charmander?

: Question image 212

What were the names of Ash's enemies?

: Question image 211

Which Pokemon is numbered 001 in the National Pokedex?

: Question image 209

Which Pokemon of the so-called second generation did Ash saw first?

: Question image 208

What was the acronym "Pokémon" made of?

: Question image 207

How old was Ash when he went on his journey to become the Pokemon Master?

: Question image 206

Which part of Team R's motto is said by James?

: Question image 205

On what hardware could Pokemons initially be played?

: Question image 204

Nurse who rescues the pokemons, is:

: Question image 203

The weird pokemon sticking out of the ground is:

: Question image 202

The only pokemon of the first generation, which has up to 8 evolutionary forms, is:

: Question image 201

Who is the tallest Pokemon?

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