NBA Quiz: Let’s See What You Really Know About It!

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Basketball is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon; it is finding a growing fan base. There are tons of teams and players worldwide, but the NBA is the most famous league in its deep history. Attempt our NBA Quiz and see how much you know about this fantastic league!

The National Basketball Association, or NBA for short, is a professional league that plays in North America. It consists of 30 teams, one of which comes from Canada. The origins of the league date back to 1946; first, it was called the Basketball Association of America or BAA for short. Three years later, the then BBA merged with its rival, the National Basketball League – NBL, to form the National Basketball Association.

In the 1990s, the NBA was undoubtedly the league with the highest viewership in the world. The stars began to appear in Hollywood, such as in the movie Space Jam starring Michael Jordan himself! Basketball was at its absolute peak. Over time, however, interest decreased even though talented players each year delighted with their plays. However, in recent years, the NBA is experiencing something of a renaissance and is more popular than ever.

Social Media

The NBA is finding a way to be present on social media and has more followers than the NHL. Players are increasingly encouraged and even obliged to maintain their profiles to have regular contact with young fans from all over the world on various platforms. That creates even more engagement with fans who are learning about the NBA world from different perspectives.

Nevertheless, some basketball players are noticing a problem with their social media presence. Some of them then implement LeBron James’ solution, which is the famous “Zero Dark Thirty-23” that he uses for every playoff. It involves almost completely cutting off from posting anything on social media. It’s a moment where the king of basketball gathers energy solely for competition. In recent years, James’ footsteps have been followed by Stephen Curry and James Harden.


The superstars in the NBA? There are many of them; every fan today knows basketball players like Stephen Curry and LeBron James. They also know their great rivalry in the Golden State Warriors clashes with the Cleveland Cavaliers over the past few years. Micheal Jordan’s historic rivalry with Charles Barkley or Isiah Piston comes to mind. Battles between big names add extra flavor to the show, and pre-game tensions are high. When day zero comes, the emotions are released.

NBA Quiz For Real Fans

NBA followers take in knowledge that highlights the top players, clubs, and matches to go down. B-ball is distinct from other top sports in how the league is sold for the fan base. The most crucial feature for league success is fans getting the option to study more regarding the athletes. Different sports with masks or focusing more on the team component will not permit superstars to grow beloved as instantly to stand out. The NBA, though, thrives in that area, which leads to devotees identify them more. Trivia is something the average fan suits great at just by paying attention to the game. Fans don’t even have to see every game or keep up with each player in the league to get a good score on this NBA quiz.

Your awareness will be put to the test with a set of questions that the medium NBA devotee should solve. It covers from the past to the present to see how stable your memory is in basketball trivia. The subjects will rotate around necessary NBA trivia that most basketball fans will be able to figure out. After finishing this NBA quiz, you can also check our NBA Legends Quiz. Nevertheless, anyone that does not pay thought to the game may not know how to answer some of them. Find out how your basketball trivia relates to the different fans out there that answer trivia. Only true basketball fans who pay enough attention to the game will pass our NBA quiz!

NBA Quiz Questions And Answers

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The league called National Basketball Association was officially established in:

NBA Quiz: Question image 109

The Boston Celtics team triumphed most times. How many times?

NBA Quiz: Question image 108

Which of these players did not appear in the movie Space Jam:

NBA Quiz: Question image 107

Which player has won the league most times?

NBA Quiz: Question image 106

In the history of the NBA there are/were teams also from Canada. How many were there?

NBA Quiz: Question image 105

Only once in history did the team placed as 8 in the conference after the regular season reach the league final. Which team managed to do that?

: Question image 104

Who was the shortest basketball player in NBA history?

NBA Quiz: Question image 103

In 1984, a club other than the Chicago Bulls could have picked Michael Jordan in a Draft. What team made that mistake?

NBA Quiz: Question image 102

Which of these active players scored the most points in one game?

NBA Quiz: Question image 96

Bad Boys used to be a name for which team?

NBA Quiz: Question image 101

The longest-serving administrator of the NBA league was:

NBA Quiz: Question image 100

"Half man half amazing." Who are we talking about?

NBA Quiz: Question image 99

Which of these numbers is reserved by most of the clubs?

NBA Quiz: Question image 98

Two clubs appreciated their fans by reserving a special jersey with number 6 in their honor. These were Orlando Magic and...

NBA Quiz: Question image 97

What team comes with this logo?

NBA Quiz: Question image 95

What's Dwyane Wade's pseudonym?

NBA Quiz: Question image 94

True or false: There is at least one player who has won both NBA Slam Dunk and Three-Point contests.

NBA Quiz: Question image 93

How long does the NBA regular game last?

NBA Quiz: Question image 92

How many seconds does the NBA squad have to make a throw?

NBA Quiz: Question image 91

Who was the very first Mexican-born basketballer in the NBA?

NBA Quiz: Question image 90
NBA Quiz
You tried your best, but sadly, it was not to be. Try again!

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Well, the result is not breathtaking, but at least you know a little bit about the NBA. Potential is there.

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Congrats! Your knowledge is impressive. Check yourself in the other quizzes!

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