F1 Quiz. Are You An Expert Of The Queen Of Motorsport?: Question image 215

F1 Quiz. Are You An Expert Of The Queen Of Motorsport?

Have you seen all the movies about Formula 1? Do you remember all the events of the 2019 season perfectly? We have something special for you – check out how much knowledge you have about F1 in this Quiz below. Let’s go!

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On which of the following tracks did the most Grand Prix rounds take place?

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Max Verstappen is the youngest winner of the F1 race. How old was he when he first stood on the top of the podium?

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Which driver has scored the highest percentage of points possible for the season?

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Which driver shot the most hat-tricks, i.e. during one weekend of the Grand Prix he took pole position, victory and the fastest lap in the race?

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Kimi Räikkönen holds the record for the longest break between first and last win. How much is that?

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During which round of the 2019 season did the Red Bull Racing team make the fastest pit-stop ever?

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In which year was Monza the fastest lap in F1 history?

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In which season did most of the world champions race at the same time?

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At how many different tracks has Max Verstappen won so far?

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In which season were the most different winners?

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Which driver has the most starts without victory?

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How many tire manufacturers in total have supplied their products to F1 since its beginning in 1950?

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Which driver has the most F1 races without a podium finish?

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In which F1 race did Carlos Sainz first stand on the podium?

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In the longest race ever - Canada's GP 2011 - the winner Jenson Button went on... how many pit stops?

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